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Who can Attend

We Serve Families and Schools

Apex works directly with families or with schools, depending on which is best for a student’s education.

Working with Families

Apex can serve as your child’s  full-time educational program. Here’s a quick look at some of the students we support:

  • Students who have not completed OR those who recently completed the SEA Exam
  • Students who have not completed OR  recently completed CXC or CAPE
  • Students currently enrolled in the traditional school system or another private school
  • Students struggling academically or socially in a traditional school environment
  • Home schooled students
  • Students with families that travel
  • Credit Recovery students who need to get back on track
  • Students who want to get ahead or catch up
  • Advanced students who seek challenges not available at their local school
  • High school students who want more teacher interaction, mentoring, and support

If you need to enroll immediately, you can enroll online.



 Welcome to Apex International Academy.

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