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There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to education. Successful learning requires a focus on you, the individual. At Apex your academic programme is individualised to meet your academic goals and needs.

At Apex, we understand how stressful and challenging high school can be for your teenager and your family. Our patient and caring tutoring experts can tailor an individualized plan that builds the exact academic skills, good work habits and positive attitudes your teenager needs to succeed in high school, college and beyond.

How Apex individual tutoring works…

• Complete the ENROLLMENT FORM, an Apex educational consultant will reach out to you for a free 15-minute consultation about your learning plans. We’ll help you select which programme would best fit your plans for one-on-one private tutoring.

• After enrollment each student fills out our new student survey which helps us understand learning styles and preferences, and completes a thorough diagnostic exam, which the Apex tutoring and curriculum teams will assess. The curriculum team will use the results and your survey in the third step, which is, to build a personalized study plan that’s designed to address your specific strengths and weaknesses.

Tutoring Programmes

Apex offers a wide range of programmes designed to suit learners of all ages and learning levels. W

Our most popular programmes are outlined below:


We understand that every student learns math differently, and successful learning requires a focus on the individual. A learning plan from an Apex math tutoring expert will pinpoint the essential math skills needed to take on math with confidence. Our custom approach to math tutoring will:

  • Eliminate homework stress
  • Improve your performance in school
  • Build your confidence for success now and in the future
  • Improve your exam scores.





A gap in your English foundation can make learning more difficult in almost every subject. We’ll develop a custom learning plan to pinpoint the exact skills you need to improve upon.

  • Focuses on the exact skills you need to succeed and ensure you master them.
  • Is based on education industry best practices.
  • Assessments to pinpoint specific needs, a customised learning plan to address them, and ongoing conferences to make sure you’re informed of your progress.





We have dedicated and experienced teachers who will be able to assist you in getting prepared for January and June Examinations. Our Examination preparation classes are year round and you can register at ANY TIME for either group or individual classes.

We offer the following subjects








With more than two million students taking the SAT and ACT tests each year, competition to get into the best colleges and universities is on the rise. Our college prep experts will tailor a personalised plan that builds the skills you needs to score higher on test day and apply to college with confidence.

Every student will benefit.

Students of all test-taking abilities benefit from our highly personalised and targeted approach that focuses on the exact skills needed to successfully answer test questions. For many, skills can be mastered to raise test scores in as little as five to eight weeks.



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