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“Apex is a School where students can achieve their goals, using modern technology, hands on learning, and realistic plans. Apex provides an educational setting where my son is learning and showing positive progress.” – Ms. J. Samuel

I wanted to say thanks for spending the time with my son today. He felt so much better about his work and school. He actually did some extra Language Arts homework and revision; all before 4pm. Just last night he was trying to put into words that he can’t write for long or focus and was asking me to explain this to his teachers. Today, It think he was so pleased with himself, he actually completed an Art note in school.”

Thanks again.

Ms. G. Golah

“My Son has grown so much since he has been attending Apex, all of his teachers have been so wonderful. His day out at the Science Museum independent of myself , has given him great confidence.”

Ms Ali

Hoy puedo decir que  más que bendecidos, estamos agradecidos por el importante apoyo que nos han brindado desde que llegamos a Trinidad.Lo que Ustedes han aportado a la educación de mis hijos, tiene valor moral, sentimiental y profesional. Que Dios los bendiga grandemente siempre y sigan en su camino o de enseñar a la juventud que sean hombres y mujeres de Bien, capaces de afrontar la vida con seguridad y valentía. GRACIAS…. MUCHAS GRACIAS….

Today I can say that more than blessed, we are grateful for the important support they have given us since we arrived in Trinidad. What you have contributed to the education of my children, has moral, sentimental and professional value. May God bless you always and always on your way or teach youth to be men and women of Good, able to face life with security and courage. THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH….”

Ms. A Diaz.

“Thanks for  being there for my childern, your teaching has postively changed the way they think and I will always thank you for that. ”

Mr. Pacheco.



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