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General Educational Philosophy


The teachers at Apex will emphasize that students actively inquire into and make connections between ideas and subject areas. A variety of teaching methods will be used including;

  • group discussions,
  • demonstrations,
  • small group teaching,
  • individual teaching using assignments, tests, problem solving, etc.


The curriculum at Apex will incorporate real-life applications of student learning as much as possible.


Each student at Apex will be treated as an individual and encouraged to express their own opinions and ideas.

  • Opportunities will exist for all students to be successful by providing them with the opportunities to seek extra help, to have large complex tasks broken into manageable chunks, to have regular scheduled student conferencing with the course teacher and to have clear standards for evaluations.

 Assessment and Evaluation

A wide variety of assessment and evaluation tools will be used at Apex including tests, observations, reports, projects, group work, essays, quizzes, journals and final assessments.


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