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This club was started in order to motivate and empower the girls of Apex Academy  to become intelligent, confident women.

Purpose : To learn about various struggles young women face and finding out how to overcome these problems. Understanding that no one is perfect but by embracing your flaws you’ll realise how amazing you can be. It will be where important messages required for our girls to remain grounded would be aired and also for them to realise their worth. Questions about any of their concerns will answered and stories  about the struggles some successful women faced before they achieved their goals will be shared.

Goal: To build the confidence level of the  students and to educate them about the topics of life which are not taught to them through the academic system.

Club Acronym : SUCCESS (S– Sense of direction U-understanding C-courage C– clarity E – esteem S-self confidence S– self acceptance)


Purpose: The purpose of the performance club is to provide students with the opportunity to use their imagination, to be creative, and expressive through music, dance, song and drama, to educate students about diverse genres of music, dance and performance theatres around the world, to develop talents possessed by student and to aid students in becoming SPECTACULAR!

Goal:  The performance club aims to: Teach members a new type of dance each term, educate members about influential performers/ artists from Trinidad and Tobago ( 5 per term) and host influential persons within the arena to guide members ,

Club Acronym : SPECTACULAR (S-Self confident P- Patriotic E-Efficient C- Contributors to Society T- Tolerant A – Accepting C- Compassionate U- Understanding L- Leader A – Accountable R- Respectful )


Purpose : The purpose of our club is to make aware the unique gifts and talents each member may possess. Therefore participating in our art club students have the opportunity to discover skills and their unique style of artwork.

Goal : Our goal is to bring together young people that have a shared interest in Art while making easier the search of their hidden talents. The art club will foster and motivate students to embrace and appreciate art while having fun creating their own original artwork.




Purpose:  The purpose of our club is to teach our students the importance of giving time and service to those in their communities and around their country who have social, financial or familial deficiencies.

Goal:  To foster the idea of voluntary and community service, particularly amongst young people by providing opportunity and guidance while learning the personal joys they can feel from giving to and helping others.  All of this will be to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and valued members of society.

Club Acronym : REACH (R – Responsibility E – Efficient A – Accountability C – Contributions to Society H – Humanity)

*** (More school clubs are considered for addition at the end of each school year based upon feedback from staff, students and parents.


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