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International High School Diploma Requirements

Apex places a premium on university success. We have a full team in place to make sure your student has the counseling and education they need to succeed in the application process and the skill set they need once they’re enrolled in university.

To earn an International High School Diploma requires twenty-one (21) credits for graduation, between grades 9-12.

  • Full time students are enrolled in a maximum of 5 credits per academic year.
  • Credits previously earned from another accredited international high school or equivalent programme will transfer based on our transfer credit policy.
  • 5  full credits (one in each core subject area and one elective) must be earned at Apex.

The distribution of these credits are as follows:

Course Type
Number of Credits
Total 21
Health 1
Art or Humanities 1
(one must be Algebra 1 or higher)
Science 3
English 4
Social Studies 4
Electives 5

Graduation Policies

  • Transfer Students must earn at least 5 full-credits in order to receive an International  High School Diploma.
  • Transfer Students must complete one course in each of the major subject (core) areas regardless of the number of transfer credits in that area.
    o English
    o Math
    o Science
    o Social Studies
    o One credit in a subject of choice (elective)
  • Any course/credit taken above our required number credits will count as an elective.
  • Student must be actively enrolled in at the time of high school completion in order to earn a diploma.
  • A final diploma and official transcript will be issued once students have met the requirements set out in all policies.
  • Apex reserves the right to review, rescind, and/or hold a  diploma, as well as review the above policies when it is determined necessary to preserve the academic integrity of The School.



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