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Placement and Waiting List

 **Due to the nature and quality of our programmes as well as our requirements for entry there is usually a waiting list. Applicants considering Apex are strongly encouraged to apply early throughout the school year.

 **Please note that application does not guarantee admission. Your child’s previous report cards and transcripts will be evaluated for appropriate placement along with letters of recommendation on your child’s behalf. There is a fee of $200 for obtaining the application package.

How to Apply.   Call us at   (868) 289 9288  or click here to apply.


  1. Parents are required to meet with School officials in a preliminary interview.
  2. Parents must complete the Application for Admission Form and return to the School offices with the required documents – Fee: $200.00 non-refundable.
  3. Parents will be be notified of the status of the application.
  4. A secondary Interview with parents and student will be scheduled.
  5. Our Student Support will schedule an appointment for Assessment. (Assessment fees will apply)
  6. When the Assessment is completed, a placement recommendation will be made.
  7. Confirmation of Acceptance and this recommendation is required by payment of the Capital Fund and/or First Term’s Tuition by the deadline date.
  8. All fees are due prior to entrance.


All students seeking to enroll in  must be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the English language.

  • Students aged 5 + are eligible to enroll in our elementary school programme.
  • Students who just completed the SEA  (age 11+)  are eligible to enroll in our middle school programme.
  • Students enrolling in any high school program must be able to provide proof of completing the eighth grade or ( form 3).
  • Each child will be assessed prior to acceptance.
  • No student above the age of 20 will be admitted.

Transfer Students

Most of our transfer students need to transfer credits from other high schools or programmes. To facilitate the process, we will offer  transcript evaluation for transferring students at a cost. Once accepted into our programme our experienced Student Services Team can help place your child in an individual learning pathway. You may also have to take our placement exams as part of your application.


All current students must re-apply for admission before the start of each school year. Overall Academic performance of 80% or greater in the previous academic year as well as adherence to school policies and guidelines are mandatory requirements for consideration before being readmitted into the Apex programme.




 Welcome to Apex International Academy.

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